Marching Knights


A Thomas Dale Marching Knight will at all times:

Treat people with respect

Take pride in everything done

Maintain a positive attitude

Act maturely

Strive to attain confidence and self-satisfaction while constantly improving the band's standard of excellence!

Band Camp Schedule 2024

Drumline/Colorguard/Front Ensemble: 

Rookie/Drumline/Colorguard Camp:


Regular after school rehearsals will follow this schedule: 

Marching Band Fees

💲 Fees

What does all the money go toward?

💵 How to pay for dues

Visit the payment page to make a Venmo or CashApp payment  or send a check to the address listed.

We can set up a payment plan over four months to pay marching band fees.

What to expect at and bring to band camp:

🎵 What is band camp all about?

Band camp is two weeks of both physical and mental hard work! If you have kids taking part in organized sports, the mindset is the same: discipline, commitment, and effort are of utmost importance. Attendance at practices and performances is mandatory. If we do not have every team member at all practices and performances, we cannot be successful.

Students are working toward putting together a marching show of 3-4 songs that have

We take this show to multiple competitions during the fall to showcase our talent, hard work, and tenacity. The goal is to do well and bring home awards that our students have earned!

We perform our show during halftime at home football games, too!

👕 What to wear

Band camp occurs before school starts during the height of summer. It's hot! 🥵  Students should dress appropriately:

🥤 What to bring

Band camp occurs before school starts during the height of summer. It's hot! 🥵  Students should bring the following items:

🥪 Lunch

Students will have the opportunity to purchase lunch during band camp. We typically order from


Students should ensure that they are eating enough food and drinking enough water during lunch so that they can stay healthy and continue to work hard for the remainder of the day.

If students are purchasing lunch, they may want to consider adding any of the following:

Football and Competition Schedule

🎶 Football Game and Competition Schedule

Fall Trip: Nov 27-29, 2024

🎵 Fall Trip to Philadelphia and New York

Our Past Years

2023 Marching Season 

"Darkness before Dawn"

Get it, Mrs. Ramsey!

You're a spinning a machine!


2022 Marching Season

"The Nightmare Before Christmas"

2022 Marching Season

"The Nightmare Before Christmas"